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For a week, this blog went, again, unaccessible (in China mainland) owing to, I guess, bad servers of China Telcom or worse politicians. Gosh, I even have on ider how much longer it will take!

During these tough days Chiu invited me (in an inefficient way) to a game — if I may call it a game, in which I need to answer copious questions and forward the questions, with one more added by me, to another 8 persons. I accepted it and took some time to finish so many questions (even silly ones) and look for next answerers. Now I’m ready and I hope my successors the same.

Since this blog is not available, I build a simple web site with Google Page Creator to post my questions and answers, as well as invitations to friends. [check it out here.]

Okay, guys, enjoy and have fun.

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put some music on iPod Shuffle 2,从她出世我就盯上了,想尽办法想把她娶进门,可惜我一无所有,高攀不起。终于,在魔鬼的驱使下,两周前我一狠心斥巨资去中关村败了一只回来。当时找遍了村里村外,最便宜的是RMB ...
统计 的 2007 年 早上在爱苹果,爱生活上看到这个玩意,很有趣,创意很好,做得也很精致,所以也拿来用用。 一直都觉得统计是一个很神奇的工具,让你从每天重复却毫不在意的事情中发现规律与“趋势”,比如我就在这里发现我发布新 ...
hips don’t lie (by Sharkira) i got facsinated by belly dance recently...
Avian Flu Watch 这个人想为防治禽流感做点事情,支持他(她)一下! Avian Flu Watch


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