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Writely , a web-based office “software”, has been acquired by for months. Though still in beta, Writely is open for register now. Writely provides a lot of amazing features, and most important, it’s totally free. Compared to MS Office, it’s so far not perfect, but this free online Word is very promising and surely worthy a try.

With Writely, you could easily post on your blog, as I am doing now.


(愚)人肉搜索志愿者 谷歌在招募“人肉搜索”志愿者。 不用看完就知道这是 Google 一年一度的愚人节礼物,不过比去年推出的免费的家用宽带无线上网服务的创意逊色很多。可能这就是中国谷歌式的幽默。 ...
$ 1.10 我说,成为一个blogger可以有很多理由,但没有一个和钱有关(参见关于)。我不太确定这种说法能不能站得住脚,尤其是当一个声称non-profit的blogger把Google发的小广告贴得满墙都是...
MWSF 2007 MacWorld San Francisco 2007 is coming soon. It's said that Jobs has prepared a two-hour presentatio...

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